Practicing Time Management for Kids and Toddlers

Baby Hair Clips are a great accessory for keeping hair up for both adults and kids. When parents have to take care of their little ones especially tween girls, getting ready for school in the morning might be a bit of a hassle. Being able to speed up getting ready by pulling your kids hair up with Baby Hair Clips is an asset on school mornings.

One a larger note, teaching your kids the advantage of time management at an early age will help them be more organized adults and will also help you get them out of the house earlier in the morning. So, these are some ways that you can teach your kids time management.

Start EarlyBaby Hair Clips

Starting to teach your kids time management at an early age is a great way to ensure that they adopt and get used to proper time management skills by the time they are teenagers. As young toddler starting school you can teach them time management as they get ready in the morning. Making sure they put their clothes on time, shower and brush their teeth before breakfast. And after school to make sure they do their homework before bed, so they are not scrambling to do it in the morning before school.

Make it FunBaby Hair Clips

It can be kind of boring to get kids to practice time management or to listen to your lecture on how important it is. So to get them to listen and get the information to sink in, you should keep in fun and make them excited about it. This strategy works most times for toddlers. Try to get them to finish brushing their teeth on record time.

Give rewards when they get ready for school on time and have them race (gently) to the care and give a price to the winner. The more fun you make it, the easier it will be for your toddler to get used to time management and also, they easier they will be able to remember what you teach them.

Teach them How to Measure the ClockBaby Hair Clips

Learning to tell time is an important learning milestone and once they learn it they can’t unlearn it. Teach the little ones how to tell time and then have them set their clock and choose when they think is best to get up in the morning and get started with their day in order to get to school on time. In time they will understand that an hour and minute mins and how long it lasts.

When they learn how long an hour or minute is then they can understand how long it takes to get ready, brush their teeth, do their homework, watch their favourite TV program etc. I remember when I was little, I calculated time by how long my favourite TV programs lasted. So, I could estimate how much TV I could watch before dinner time. Priorities!

Make Their Own CalendarBaby Hair Clips

When you make your kids have their own calendar, they can visualize their day and how it’s broken down into sections. This will make them manage their time better and be able to follow their schedule. You can break their calendar down by hours or by tasks they have to do and then by days of the week. Don’t forget to include free time in their so they do not feel too rigid and can be spontaneous – especially on weekends, holidays and during family time.

Be ConsistentBaby Hair Clips

Consistency is how to get your kids used to their schedule. It might be tempting to just let them break their schedule and watch TV, especially when they are whining or pleading. But try to be a bit strict and get them used to their schedule. Teach them the importance of staying on track and the workings of cause and effect.

If they stay up late watching TV or playing video games, they will end up waking up late and tired and would be late for school. When they learn this, it becomes ingrained in them. Only after they get used to their schedule and are older can you start making exceptions.

Consistency also involves staying on task and not deviating from the set daily schedule. Move on to the next task as the day goes by and sty on schedule. This will also teach them to be on time and not run late all the time and as they get older, it will become second nature to them.

Schedule Free TimeBaby Hair Clips

I already mentioned this briefly above but let’s dive into it in more detail. It is important to schedule free time for kids on weekends and even on some weekdays. Don’t pack your kids’ day full of countless activities. Let kids be kids and give them time to run around, play with the neighbors’ kids, and play with their toys.

Kids need to learn to explore the world on their own and see it through their own eyes and not always without supervision. This will also help them develop a personality and not be robot-like.

Time Management ToolsBaby Hair Clips

Luckily for parents, technology has provided lots of options that can help parents plan their kids’ day and plan their time. There are lots of apps and kid friendly time management tools that make it easy for you and your kids to keep track of your calendar and you day.

Home systems like Google Home or Alexa, can wake up the family at the same time, and can remind everyone when it’s time for soccer or time for bed. You can customize these apps for each kid and for each day or for weekdays and weekends.